Examining The Evidence

Examining the evidence for rare Australian fauna.

Where Light Meets Dark conducts critical analyses of evidence for the survival of fauna where it is not expected. This includes examining the evidence for species believed to be extinct, as well as individual animals detected outside their expected range (out of place / OOPs).

You can request that I take a look at a particular piece of evidence via the feedback forum.

Exotic Species

Species Location Status
big_cats_cropped.jpg Big cats Australia Out of place

Carnivorous Marsupials

Species Location Status
thylacoleo_cropped.jpg Thylacoleo carnifex Australia Presumed extinct for 30,000 years
thylacine_cropped.jpg Tasmanian tigers (thylacines) Mainland Australia and Tasmania Presumed extinct for 2,000 years on mainland and since 1936 in Tasmania
tasmanian_devil_cropped.jpg Tasmanian devils Mainland Australia Presumed extinct for 350 years
eastern_quoll_cropped.jpg Eastern quolls Mainland Australia Presumed extinct since 1963

Australian Birds

night_parrot.jpg Night Parrot? Australia Specimen collected 1912, sighted 1979, dead specimens found 1990, 2006
night_parrot_cropped.jpg Ground Parrot Sydney Basin Presumed locally extinct since 1890s
Blue_corella_thumbnail.jpg Unusual blue birds Australia Blue sparrow photographed April 2009; blue corellas photographed 2008