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Thylacine Sightings

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Singleton Thylacoleo
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Singleton Thylacoleo

In March 2008, New South Wales resident "TC Girl" (pseudoname) reported a sighting she and a friend made 8 months in July 2007. Having travelled into rarely visit country on her friend's property (which also adjoins national park land) they came across a very black large marsupial predator which had a splash of white on its chest not unlike a Tasmanian devil. It has since been compared to a big cat (although most agree it's a marsupial) and giant quoll but most agree it best describes thylacoleo.

Backstory and original sighting report

The full report from TC Girl including my thoughts on a number of the animal's features as well as the story itself.

$1000 reward

Soon after publication of the Singleton thylacoleo report, one enthusiast has posted a $1000 reward for a genuine photograph of the creature.

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