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Michael Jackson Ghost Hoax
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Michael Jackson ghost hoax exposed

Well - it's been barely a few hours since the Michael Jackson ghost has hit news headlines around the world, but I think you'll find even the most cursory examination will show this is a complete hoax.

Let's keep the analysis quick - let the pictures do the talking.

Let's take just 3 screen shots and magnify each x2.


Screen shot 1 - before the "ghost"

(Click to enlarge)

One hallway, nothing amiss.

I found it interesting that the camerawork should pause on this hallway without the commentators actually providing any commentary about it. Okay, that may be forgivable - you've filmed the door locks, you're panning left and you decide to pause to take in the view.

But it's the next screen shot that gives the game away.

Screen shot 2 - instant before the "ghost"

(Click to enlarge)


And there you see it - a square appears. I've put the arrow so it points exactly at the bottom of the square.

At this point I don't really care how the square got there. More likely than not it's computer generated. I don't create hoaxes, so I don't know the techniques, but unfortunately this one was a bit clumsy and you can see the embedded frame quite clearly.

Still not convinced? Let's take a look at the third screen shot and I'll highlight it for you.

Screen shot 3 - there's the hoax

(Click to enlarge)


And there you go. Compare this frame to the last frame and it's plain as day.

If you can really be bothered (and I was), go and capture a fourth frame just after the "ghost". You only have a split second to grab it, but if you do, you'll see the box disappears again.


The Michael Jackson ghost is well and truly a hoax in my humble opinion. Apologies to anyone who wants to believe otherwise, and please accept this is just my opinion.

My condolences to the family. I have learned more about Michael Jackson in the last 2 weeks than the last 20 years and I believe the world has lost a highly gifted, creative artist.

Why not vote on the WLMD homepage? Do you think it's real? Or a hoax?

Or scroll down to comment.

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