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Dedicated to Steve Irwin
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Greater Bar Sided Skink Eulamprus Tenuis
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This beautiful lizard is the one that started it all here at Where Light Meets Dark. It was the Father's Day weekend - September 2006 - just before Steve Irwin was tragically killed. I was on holidays at Nelson Bay with my family and as we were out walking at Corlette Point, this little critter turned up on a log.

I took the photograph but could only make an ID once I got home and referred to Ken Griffith's book Frogs & Reptiles of the Sydney Region.



In December 2007 I came across another one of these beautiful lizards; this time a tiny baby at Sans Souci in Sydney.

You can see in this photo its five fingers and five toes. Its distinguishing feature is the set of dorsal bars across its back and down the length of its tail. It is interesting to compare the brighter colouration of the young compared to the adult above.



This little lizard was sitting on the doorsteps of my friend's red brick house. I took the camera especially because I knew they lived in a different Sydney habitat compared to my home.

Griffith's book suggests they are uncommon in Sydney but a population can be found on the approach to Como footbridge - that location is a couple of kilometers further upstream on the Georges River. This lizard was found near Kogarah Bay.

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