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Charleville Thylacine
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The Charleville lion footage is, in my opinion, one of the two most interesting anecdotal pieces of evidence for mainland thylacines (the other being the Doyle footage).

It was filmed near Charleville, Queensland, at 10:04am 25 June 1995, by an elderly couple who (I am led to believe) didn't really know how to operate the video camera. The clip is only a few seconds long, being apparently taped-over some time later.

I am in contact with the present owner of the original video and have gone to some length to analyse it. The two most likely cryptids to explain the animal in the video are the thylacine or an out-of-place African lion. Less likely this might also be Thylacoleo carnifex.

(More to come including still-frames, comparisons with known thylacine footage, and a discussion on the morphology of quadrupedal marsupial pelvic girdles)

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Posted on: 2008-05-06 16:53:37   By: Anonymous
The nose looks too long for a lion, and the proportions seem of. At the base of the hindquarters, the tail looks rather thick, like a foxes fluffy tail. Interesting though. I wonder how elderly the couple was. No offense to them, but I know that as you age and your vision starts to go, things can decieve you.

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-10-06 22:41:28   By: jellokatt
i'm not sure if this is the same footage or not, but it really looks like a lion cub in this one:

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