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Thylacine Sightings

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Baw Baws Thylacine
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My colleage Debbie from thylacoleo.com obtained this photograph of animal prints in deep mud in the Baw Baws Ranges, Victoria.

Is it a dog's tracks, or is it a thylacine? There appears to be a heel set well back for the right-hand print at least, and a fifth toe in the left print.

I have put several hours into comparing these prints with photographs of thylacine paws, illustrated thylacine prints and photographs of thylacine prints obtained using paw specimens.

Much can be learned about the process of determining the merit of photographic evidence from this example and the backstory on the print itself is also interesting.

(More to come including the analyses and comparisons, and details of the way in which this photograph was obtained)

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Posted on: 2008-04-18 15:21:35   By: Anonymous
The footprint in top of the photo (left)could look like a Thylacine when I look at drawings of footprints from dog, thylacine etc. but the footprint at the right I'm not sure, it's the same animal, but I guees mud is not the most clear evidence we have.
Regards John

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