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Examining the evidence for rare fauna.

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National Geographic
Will Self-Driving Golf Carts Steer Way for Autonomous Cars?
More college students and senior citizens may soon get rides on golf carts equipped with sensors and cameras—but no drivers.
After a Dramatic Start, Shark Attack Season Closes Quietly
Waters have calmed this summer, but recent sightings of great whites in the northeastern United States have lifeguards on alert.
Have These Divers Found the World's Deepest Underwater Cave?
Polish diver describes dangers and allure of extreme cave diving.
Week's Best Space Pictures: 3 Hurricanes, Saturn's Equinox
A trio of cyclones charges across the Pacific, and plankton blooms in the chilly waters of the Barents Sea.
4 Ways Polar Bears Are Dealing With Climate Change
A few of these opportunistic predators have found new sources of food as their regular sources diminish—but is it enough to save them?

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