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National Geographic
Chimpanzees Make Beds That Offer Them Best Night's Sleep
Chimpanzees choose tree branches that give them the most firm, stable, and comfortable place to sleep, a new study says.
Chief Warden Shot in Africa's Oldest National Park
Belgian Emmanuel de Merode was ambushed in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Honeybees in East Africa Resist Deadly Pathogens
A new study reveals that East African honeybees are resistant to the pathogens blamed for colony collapses elsewhere.
Fossils Suggest Modern Sharks Are More Evolved Than Previously Thought
The image of modern sharks as "living fossils," unchanged over millions of years, needs an update, researchers say.
Solar Chimneys Can Convert Hot Air to Energy, But Is Funding a Mirage?
A veteran balloonist is among those who want to use solar updraft towers to generate power, but funding has been elusive.

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