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National Geographic
Extremely Rare White Rhino Dies in Kenya—His Kind Nearly Extinct
The northern white rhinoceros is one step closer to extinction with the death of Suni, one of only two breeding males left of the subspecies.
Your Shot Photos: Kitchens Around the World
In honor of World Food Day, we gathered together some of the photos you've sent us of the world's kitchens and culinary traditions.
Mistakes and Reversals Shake Trust in Ebola Response, in Dallas and Beyond
Panic rises in Texas and beyond, complicating Ebola response.
Armored Fish Pioneered Sex As You Know It
Fossils suggest that the first vertebrates to have sex performed the act side by side.
Queen of the Underworld Sheds New Light on Greek Tomb
Newly revealed mosaic may hold key to unlocking mystery: Who was buried in the massive mound?

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