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National Geographic
New Tarantula (Not Beetle) Named After John Lennon
Bumba lennoni is named for the British rocker but lives in Brazil.
Mountain Goats Are Shrinking—A Lot—Because of Global Warming
Global warming over the past few decades has caused chamois goats in the Italian Alps to get smaller.
Milk Grown in a Lab Is Humane and Sustainable. But Can It Catch On?
A Silicon Valley vision: Instead of milking dairy cows, we could make milk in a lab with genetically engineered yeast.
45,000-Year-Old Bone Pinpoints Era of Human-Neanderthal Sex
An ancient Siberian man's DNA helps track humans' spread into Asia.
Stunning Pictures: The Year's Best Wildlife Photographs
National Geographic photographers are among the winners of Wildlife Photography of the Year.

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