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National Geographic
This Week's Night Sky: See Saturn Shine as Lord of the Rings
Saturn will appear as a cream-colored star to the naked eye, and telescope users can gaze at its sunlit rings.
Surprise: Jumping Spiders Can See More Colors Than You Can
Some species of jumping spiders use filters in their eyes to see colors like red and orange—an unexpected discovery.
Dean Potter’s Extreme Life in 7 Hair-Raising Videos
The pioneering climber, highliner, and wingsuit BASE jumper died while BASE jumping over the weekend.
Millions of Spiders Rain Down on Australia—Why?
In what's called a mass ballooning, the tiny arachnids used silk strands to catch air currents on their way to a new home.
How Dean Potter Reinvented Climbing, Jumping, Flying
The BASE jumper who died over the weekend said facing his fear of falling to his death is what drove him.

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