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Examining the evidence for rare fauna.

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National Geographic
Mystery of Earth's Water Origin Solved
Ancient meteorites reveal that our planet had plenty of water, right from the start.
Weird Animal Question of the Week: What's the Biggest Killer Plant?
With Halloween around the corner, we take a closer look at Earth's biggest and nastiest carnivorous flora.
Killer Fungus Threatens Salamanders
An Asian fungus is ravaging salamanders in Europe and could kill off populations in North America and elsewhere, researchers say.
Dwarf Galaxies Dim Hopes of Dark Matter
For five years physicists have been tantalized by possible evidence of dark matter in the Milky Way's center. But new results from small satellite galaxies have complicated the story.
Watching the Multi-Million-Dollar Decision to Blow Up a Rocket
A National Geographic staffer on the scene recounts NASA's decision to blow up a space station resupply rocket.

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