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Examining the evidence for rare fauna.

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National Geographic
Mind in the Mound: How Do Termites Build Their Huge Structures?
Termites move a fourth of a metric ton of dirt to build mounds that can reach 17 feet (5 meters) and higher.
The Smithsonian Disassembles Its Dinosaurs
The Smithsonian is renovating its dinosaur hall, which means giant skeletons must come down.
Promising Ebola Drugs Stuck in Lab Limbo as Outbreak Rages in Africa
Lack of funds, regulatory hurdles hold up game-changing therapies.
Big Cities Beckoned the Brainy Across History
A massive births and deaths database reveals that cultural figures have migrated to cities in the same way for centuries.
Oklahoma Grapples With Earthquake Spikeā€”And Evidence of Industry's Role
Oklahomans and local officials are trying to understand and react to a spate of earthquakes linked to the energy industry.

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