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Simulation shows it’s possible to tow an iceberg to drought areas
Way back in the 70’s Georges Mougin, then an engineering graduate, had a big idea. He suggested that icebergs floating around in the North Atlantic could be tethered and dragged south to places that were experiencing a severe drought, such as the Sahel of West Africa. Mougin received some backing funds from a Saudi prince but most “experts” at the time scoffed at his idea and the whole scheme was eventually shelved.
Wild Hemp Grows Everywhere In Nebraska [Photos]
Back in the days before America got Reefer Madness, the good old U.S.A. was a worldwide center of hemp production. Verdant fields of the incredibly useful fiber crop were cultivated all over the country.
Moonless Earth Could Potentially Still Support Life, Study Finds
Scientists have long thought the Earth's moon was vital for its habitability. But that may not be so.
Could gas stations be coming to space?
With plans to reach Mars, and possibly beyond, manned-space rockets will need to refuel in space, either in orbit or on the surface of another planet or moon.
Nanoscale secret to stronger alloys: Scientists find nanoparticle size is readily controlled to make stronger aluminum alloys
Researchers have solved the mystery of one of the most promising aluminum alloys ever for strength, hardness, lightness, and resistance to corrosion and heat. The secret is the formation of core-shell nanoparticles all nearly the same size.

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