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Road safety for wildlife: researchers analyze the best techniques for road-kill mitigation
A team of researchers completed a meta-analysis of data from 50 studies to find the most effective methods of reducing wildlife mortality on roads.
Will banning trade in fins help endangered sharks? Experts are divided
The proposed Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act would end the possession and trade of shark fins in the U.S. Activists and advocacy groups often cheer such bans, but many experts say that they are not the best way to help struggling shark populations.
On the front lines of conservation: How do rural women feel?
Women living inside a national park in Guinea-Bissau feel helpless because animals damage their crops and they have limited alternative sources of income outside of the park.
Climate change is increasing the mortality rate of African wild dog pups
New research suggests that African wild dogs’ chances of survival might be dealt a serious setback as global temperatures continue to rise.
Camera traps capture elusive ocelots in Peru’s Madre de Dios
A recent study indicates that an area of the Madre de Dios region in southern Peru has the world’s third-highest known density of ocelots.

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