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In Tanzania, a surge in sesame farming poses threat to natural forest
As Africa’s largest producer of sesame seeds, Tanzania is feeling the growing pains of unregulated farming practices that often encroach on the forest.
The orangutan who escaped Indonesia’s blackmarket pet trade
Life in a cage nearly destroyed Krismon. Will he ever return to the wild?
Thousands of anti-coal activists march in Jakarta, deliver complaints to anti-graft agency
The demonstrations, part of the global Break Free movement, focused on what activists call ‘coalruption’ in Indonesia’s mining and power sectors.
Watch a leatherback sea turtle return to the ocean after nesting on a Costa Rica beach
New drone footage allows you to watch as a prospective mother leatherback sea turtle slowly makes her way back to the ocean after nesting on a Costa Rica beach, then gracefully glide off into the open water.
World’s second breeding population of Indochinese tigers discovered in Thailand’s forests
A newly discovered breeding site for Thailand’s wild tigers is ‘nothing short of miraculous’ according to John Goodrich, Panthera’s Senior Tiger Program Director.

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