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Slight bumps in protected areas could be a boon for biodiversity
A new study finds that small increases in the world’s protected lands could triple the protection of species and other types of biodiversity, potentially providing a new tool for conservation planners.
Singapore is world’s second largest shark-fin trader: TRAFFIC
Unfortunately, Singapore’s trade information on sharks is incomprehensive and lacks transparency, a new report by TRAFFIC says.
Rugged innovation: Meeting the challenges of bringing high tech DNA analysis to the field
Expeditionlab researchers traveled to the Congolian rainforest along the shores of Lake Tanganyika to test DNA extraction and sequencing in the field with the revolutionary Gene laboratory system.
Who owns Indonesia’s deadly abandoned coal mines?
An investigation into the people, and the institutional failures, responsible for the abandoned coal mine pits scattered across Indonesian Borneo.
When it comes to the IUCN Red List, accuracy is the order of the day (commentary)
Two researchers at the center of a debate over the IUCN Red List’s methods argue that if we are using inaccurate range data for wildlife in threat assessments, then we are likely to find ourselves designating the wrong threat status for many species. The views expressed are those of the authors.

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