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Thylacine Sightings

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Fox Sightings
Thank you for contributing your fox sightings information. The data you submit may be shared with government, parks or other departments, or other researchers interested in feral animal activity.

Please complete the questions below.

Your name
If you are happy to be contacted in regards to this information, please provide contact details here.
Date of sighting (eg 03 May 2007) (If you don't know the date, just list the month. If you're not sure of the month, just list the year)
* Where did the sighting occur? Be as specific as possible.
* How many foxes were sighted at this location at this time?
What time of day was it? (specify AM/PM)
How would you describe the weather conditions?
How long did you sight the animal(s)?
What was it doing?
* Did you take any photo or video evidence of the fox(es)? (If you are happy to share it, please be sure to include contact details above)
Is there anything else you would like to share about this sighting?
Have you reported this sighting to anyone else? If so, please provide details here.

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