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Examining the evidence for rare fauna.

Dedicated to Steve Irwin
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Thylacine Sightings

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Report an animal
Hi, and thank you for submitting data on your animal sighting.

This form is designed to be quick. If you would like to provide more comprehensive details, go here.

This information is continuously compiled and can provide useful insight on long-term trends.

Please use this form once for each sighting incident.

All fields are required.

If you would like to ask any questions before submitting your sighting, then please contact WLMD using the online contact form.

Thank you again for contributing!

* Please enter your name
* Please enter contact information. We may contact you for further information regarding this sighting.
* Please describe the animal sighted, heard, or otherwise documented. Please be as specific as you are able, but it is better to be general if you are not sure of a particular species.
* Who sighted the animal? Was it yourself? Was it someone in your company but you didn't sight it yourself? Did many people sight the animal? If so, how many?
* How long was the animal seen, heard or otherwise documented?
* Where was the animal sighted?
* How competent is the person who sighted the animal? Do they work in the field? Are they a hobbiest? Novice? etc
* Please list any other information regarding the sighting that you feel is important. If you would like to describe the sighting in detail, please do so.
* Lastly - how certain are you of the identification of the animal?
* Do you give permission to Where Light Meets Dark to share this sighting information with other rare fauna researchers?
* Do you give permission to Where Light Meets Dark to re-publish (in any medium) the details of your sighting report?

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