Competition Winners

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The Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge has closed, and the winners have been selected!

In total we had 18 valid submissions for the competition - so everyone stood a good chance at winning the book. Before we get to the winning entries - and the list of correct answers - allow me to offer a little apology.

With all my meticulous planning, I still let one ambiguity slip in. One animal was designed to trick people up and I hinted at it in the terms and conditions: "Yes, one photo is designed to throw you off course and I will accept either of two species for it :)" The animal in question was picture "D" - a brushtail possum. I would have accepted either the common brushtail possum or the mountain brushtail possum as that photo is too ambiguous to make a correct identification.

However, what is a herbivore - or at best an omnivore - doing in a Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge? I was careful not to say anywhere that all the animals were carnivores, but all the same I think the trickery was a little out-of-keeping with the spirit of the competition, and so...

I accepted any answer for animal "D"! A wrong answer did not count against you.

But wait! Some people got it right! And for those who got all the animals right, *including* the possum, I randomly chose a second winner who will also receive a copy of the book.

On to the animals!

Here are the correct answers. The numbers in brackets show how many people answered correctly for each.

A - Thylacine (17/18 = 94%)
B - Eastern quoll (16/18 = 89%)
C - Thylacine (16/18 = 89%)
D - Brushtail possum (3/18 = 17%)
E - Eastern quoll (16/18 = 89%)

F - Eastern quoll (12/18 = 67%)
G - Thylacine (18/18 = 100%)
H - Spotted-tailed quoll (14/18 = 78%)
I - Spotted-tailed quoll (15/18 = 83%)
J - Thylacine (18/18 = 100%)

K - Tasmanian devil (17/18 = 94%)
L - Spotted-tailed quoll (14/18 = 78%)
M - Tasmanian devil (16/18 = 89%)
N - Spotted-tailed quoll (17/18 = 94%)
O - Thylacine (18/18 = 100%)

And down to the winners....

Ignoring photo D, eight entries were entirely correct! Congratulations to David (ACT, Australia), Mike (Christchurch, NZ), Darren (Melbourne, Australia), Richard (UK), Kent (Sydney, Australia), Valerie (Sydney, Australia), Almantas (Kaunas, Lithuania) and Sasha (Circle Pines, USA).

And the winner is....

Almantas of Kaunas, Lithuania!

and of those eight correct entries, two also correctly identified the brushtail possum - Mike (Christchurch, NZ) and Darren (Melbourne, Australia). Please note - anyone who made a comment that D looked like a brushtail possum, but chose something else for D did have at least one other incorrect answer - so no-one has missed out on this draw of 2 people.

And the winner is....

Mike of Christchurch, New Zealand!