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Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge!Printable Version

Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge!
This competition has closed.

Do you know your rare Australian carnivorous marsupials? Take the Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge! You can win a copy of Craig Heinselman's latest book - Elementum Bestia - which contains my chapter, "In Search of Rare Carnivorous Marsupials: An Examination of the Evidence for Their Survival".

All of the carnivorous marsupials on this page are one of the following:

  • Tasmanian tiger (thylacine)
  • Tasmanian devil
  • Spotted-tail Quoll (also called Tiger Quoll)
  • Eastern Quoll

These animals have all featured on WLMD previously - in text or photo formats - and also appear in the book, but not necessarily using the same photos shown here!

Your task - should you choose to accept it - is to correctly name every animal pictured on this page.

Did you know Australia has two more species of quoll - the Western Quoll and the Northern Quoll? New Guinea has another two - the New Guinean Quoll and the Bronze Quoll.

Better get cracking!

How to win
Follow the link below to open up the entry form and then fill in your best guesses on the identities of all 15 animals shown here, from A through to O. Next, enter your name, location and email address.

Entries will be received until the end of Australian winter - midnight on the night of Friday, 31st August 2007 AEST.

All valid, correct entries will go into a draw where one entry will be selected at random and deemed the winning entry.

Full terms and conditions are available via a link on the entry form.

Go to the entry form!


... but better open that entry form up in a new window first!

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Topic Area - Tasmanian Devil
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Topic Area - Tasmanian Devil
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Topic Area - Thylacine
Topic Area - Tasmanian Devil
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Topic Area - Thylacine
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