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Thylacine Sightings

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Road kill

On April 28th, 2007, Maddy Livingstone described a road-killed animal she saw whilst driving home from Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

It was two days prior, between Warwick and Stanthorpe that she saw an animal "about two or three feet long ... [with] a tawny color, ... a canine shape and triangular ears." Although she "couldn't see it's tail ... it had blacky-brown stripes going down it's back".

Could this have been just a feral cat or dog? Can we go so far as to entertain the thought of a thylacine or thylacoleo?

I recently contacted Maddy to enquire further about this sighting. With her permission, here are her answers to a series of questions...

Further information...
Did you by any chance get any photograph of it?

No, I'm sorry but I didn't get a photo of the creature (I was driving and my camera was in the back seat).

Is there any chance whatsoever of you returning to the spot? The carcass, or some part of it (bones, skin, fur), may still be there. If you could say for certain you'd found the same carcass, then any material would be sufficient to identify the animal.

Okay, When I drove past just hours ago [May 5th], there was no sign of it on the road. I couldn't stop to look, but it was pretty big, someone probably moved it off the road.

Next, the article says "blacky-brown stripes going down it's back" - do you mean down along the length of its back (in the direction from head to tail), or across it's back?

The stripes were going across it's back, like a tiger, and they started about mid-back. They were more chocolatey than black, though.

How long did you inspect the animal? Was it just as you drove past it, or did you stop to look at it?

I saw it as I drove past, but the road was deserted so I was driving slowly, I saw it for about 3 seconds (count 3 seconds, it's longer than it sounds).

If you stopped, what made you decide to stop for this particular roadkill?


Have you seen photographs of the thylacine? If so, would you go so far as to suggest this looked like a thylacine? (for images, see here)>

Yes I have seen photos of the thylacine, and i think it looked like a, albeit squashed, thylacine.

Might it have been a spotted-tailed quoll (tiger quoll). (for images, see here)

No, I don't think it was a quoll (but you do get foxes in that area).

Anything else you can recall that might help identify the animal would be greatly appreciated.

A freind of mine has, however seen thylacine tracks in that area, though (she was on horseback on her property at the time). Or so she told me. I would like to know what this animal is, and my mind wants it to be a thylacine.

Searching for the carcass
A number of my contacts would be willing to search the area for remains of the carcass, so I enquired further as to the specific location.

Maddy provided this, and was kind enough to try and get back there today (May 6th) if time permitted, to have a better look.

I'll close with one last remark from Maddy, but keep WLMD readers updated as new information comes to light.

"My friends don't even beleive me, except one, and she was with me at the time".

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No Subject
Posted on: 2007-06-12 09:33:54   By: sfberg

Potentially the discovery of a lifetime (from my perspective) and she didn't even stop the car? And she even had a camera with her!

Oh well.

[Reply ]

    Re: missed opportunity
    Posted on: 2007-06-12 09:45:03   By: admin
    I know.

    I know.


    [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-03-29 08:25:43   By: Anonymous
i think its bs

[Reply ]

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