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Nightstalk 2006 Participation CertificatePrintable Version

The Great Australian Marsupial Night Stalk - click to enlarge

I was pleasantly surprise last week, to receive an envelope in the mail containing a participation certificate for Perth Zoo and Tiwest's Great Australian annual Night Stalk :)

Night Stalk is run each year for six weeks, beginning on September 1st.

What do you do?

Pick a local area of bushland, get out there at night with a torch, and survey it for mammals. Write down everything you see - natives as well as exotics. In fact, write down other animals like birds, reptiles and amphibians too.

Last year I conducted a few surveys - two at Oatley Park and one at a smaller park in Peakhurst (both Sydney, Australia). On one survey I went with my family, on another with a friend, on the third alone.

The only mammals I found at Oatley Park were the swamp wallaby (written about earlier) and a bat. Since that time, I have, however, found a ringtail possum; or rather my wife did, but that was outside the survey period.

No doubt as we get closer to September I'll write about Night Watch again... perhaps this time I'll cover more ground, or involve more people? What will you do?

Oh! The other thing in the envelope was a CD with a great little interactive spotlighting game. It's available online too (follow the link) - great for toddlers and infants, and there's also a bit of information in there about the plight of Australia's marsupials.

As the Night Stalk hompage puts it: "Many Australian marsupials are on the brink of extinction and need your help."

And hey - check out my swamp wallaby on the official 2006 results for the Sydney Basin! Now that's cool!

Go on, get involved - make your observations of local wildlife count!

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