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News today
News reports today say that Klaus Emmerichs and Birgit Jansen are back in Australia to try once again to capture the thylacine on video.

What wasn't mentioned is that this is their second trip to do just that, following their sighting in 2005.

Klaus and I had been communicating frequently late last year and he was talking of returning in late February / early March, but the travel plans weren't certain. Personally, I'm glad they have made it back to continue their search.

My hope was that they might have made the trip earlier, but that was not to be. It is reported that thylacines were known to return to the same location on an annual migration basis, to within a few days of the same date. As such, I felt the best time to search at the location Klaus saw the Tasmanian tiger, would have been within a few days of February 3.

In particular, examining the lunar cycles for February 3, 2005, near identical conditions existed in Tasmania on the night of February 11 this year.

Although I had the support of my employer to go, I was unable to raise the funds to search for the thylacine near this date.

If Klaus and Birgit's trip should prove unfruitful again this year, then I only hope they perservere in their efforts - and return again next year - for the best chance we have ever had to pin an individual thylacine to a specific location near to a specific date is this one.

It was reported today that Professor of wildlife research, Hamish McCallum of the University of Tasmania said "If there are any tigers out there, then the next five years is the best chance of ever finding out".

I couldn't agree more (whilst acknowledging he thinks it unlikely) and have written before that I feel the proof will be on the table by the end of the year 2010.

As reported earlier at Where Light Meets Dark, I will shortly be completing a chapter for the upcoming book "Elementum Bestia" which looks at some of the more notable thylacine sighting reports of recent times.

Stay tuned here also, because there is a lot more to come including examination of video and photographic evidence for a number of sightings which, as yet, have not been mentioned on WLMD.

As Col Bailey reported in the Tasmanian Times, "I have a gut feeling there is more of this tale to come, much more".

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