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Volunteering at Australia ZooPrintable Version
One part of my trek around the northern coast of New South Wales, then south east Queensland, was spending a week volunteering at Australia Zoo. As I have written elsewhere, I tried to make contact with Steve Irwin just a few days before father's day last year, but that was not to be. It was only after this fateful time that my wife learned, via the Australia Zoo website, that members of the public can volunteer at the zoo.

I think I can safely say - and this can be verified by any visiting member of the public - that Australia Zoo's greatest asset is its staff. Every person I met, both as a visitor to the zoo, and as a volunteer is dedicated to their task, passionate, lively and a pleasure to be with.

In following articles I plan to share some of the photos and stories of the beautiful wildlife I met during my volunteering experience, but I thought I might first share a couple of photos of the marvellous people who spearhead this organisation. These were taken before I began volunteering. Please consider following the zoo link (above) and reading through the many different ways you might become involved in wildlife and habitat conservation.

Bindi and the Crocmen - click to enlarge

The star of the show - Bindi Irwin, dancing away with the Crocmen!

Terri and Robert Irwin with Wes Mannion - click to enlarge

Up in the stands, watching Bindi perform.

Terri feeding Norman - click to enlarge

(At least I think this is Norman. As a volunteer I ended up seeing many of the crocs during the shows.)

Wes taken by surprise - click to enlarge

This was the next day. I think the expression was "Crikey!" :)

Bindi - click to enlarge

A gorgeous moment; Bindi chatting with her mum.

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