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Elementum Bestia - a new book due April 2007Printable Version

Many thanks to Craig Heinselman for the invitation to contribute to his forthcoming book, Elementum Bestia: Being an Examination of Unknown Animals of the Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

In 1998, Craig began "a small publication" named Crypto. By its conclusion in 2001 it had reached a mailout of over 250 copies. Heinselman describes it as "a mix of exotic zoology, cryptozoological articles, cryptofiction (fictional representations of cryptozoology or cryptids), current news and reviews."

In 2001, Crypto transformed into book version, beginning with a special edition entitled Hominology Special Number I (116 pages). The next book was published the same year, titled Dracontology Special Number I: Being an Examination of Unknown Aquatic Animals (137 pages).

A third book was published in 2002, entitled Hominology Special Number II: Being an Examination of Unknown Bipedal Creatures (212 pages).

These three books received publication runs of 250, 350 and over 400 copies respectively.

Craig's intent was to continue publishing, but personal events in 2002 prevented him from doing so.

However, as Craig puts it, "the time is right to return".

Elementum Bestia
"Elementum Bestia: Being an Examination of Unknown Animals of the Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The scope of this book is envisioned to cover a myriad of unknown animals as well as rediscovered animals. Hence, the title of the book is associated to the elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Fire in this case being associated to the resurrection of species (redicovering) like a Phoenix rising from the ashes".

Earlier this year, Craig contacted me to invite me to contribute to this book. "Examining the evidence" has been a core theme here at Where Light Meets Dark, and there has been no shortage of news on the rare Australian fauna front since Klaus Emmerichs' photographs of early 2005. In addition, new analytical work on the 1973 Doyle footage has been carried out and this will certainly also merit inclusion.

I look forward to being a part of this excellent project - and can't wait to read all the other chapters; the author lineup is quite extensive.

The original Crypto journals and all three previous books are available free of charge via PDF download at the StrangeArk website.

Elementum Bestia will also be available free of charge via download, or in printed format for the cost of production.

For more details about the contributing authors in previous books, see Craig's post at Cryptozoology.com.

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About the editor: Craig Heinselman
Posted on: 2007-01-31 00:03:59   By: admin
  Edited By: admin
On: 2007-01-31 00:04:28
Just a quick link to a new article at Cryptomundo regarding the editor of this upcoming book, Craig Heinselman

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