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Terri Irwin "worried by Bindi's happiness"Printable Version
A news report today claims that Terri Irwin is concerned that her daughter, Bindi, is apparently happy despite the loss of her father Steve recently.

With the aims of Where Light Meets Dark partly inspired by Steve Irwin's visions and passion, I would like to add a small comment to the discussion.

You will see from my background that I am also involved in a support group for families with gifted children.

Based purely on my observations and readings through the media, it would seem aparent to me that the Irwin family members - including Bindi - are gifted people.

But what does this mean? In essesnce, gifted people have an advanced rate of development and capacity to learn; they are able to tie together seemingly unrelated information to produce creative new solutions to novel problems.

I can not do the subject proper service in a few lines (researchers have been studying the field for about 100 years!), but one characteristic also involves heightened physical and spiritual awareness. Terri talked briefly during her recent Ray Martin interview, about Steve's incredible ability to just "know" when something at the zoo needed his intervention.

Returning to Bindi, I personally am not surprised at all that "even" at her young age she might be so quick to accept her circumstances and to exhibit such resilience and strength. This is not to say that she denies what has happened, or cares little, but it is to say that sometimes young children (and adults!) have an extraordinary ability to persevere.

Surely, 'incredible perseverance' is an obvious characteristic of both of Bindi's parents?

According to the article, the psychologist reassured Ms Irwin with the following words:

"Why? Are you worried? That's what you are shooting for. That's what you want - a well-adjusted child who can handle a tragedy and see that life goes on."

For the same reason, I have no doubt that when Bob Irwin (Steve's father), John Stainton (manager) and Wes Mannion (zoo director) talk about Bindi's ability to handle showbusiness, and that she is not being pushed against her will, they are in all likelihood quite correct.

My condolences to the Irwin family.

Shortly after publishing this article I was quite independently forwarded an article titled "High IQ may protect kids from post-traumatic stress disorder".

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