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Aboriginal shell midden discoveryPrintable Version
All "Aboriginal objects, places and other heritage values across NSW" are catalogued in the Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System maintained by the Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW) (formerly National Parks and Wildlife Service).

I have recently found an Aboriginal shell midden. What should you do if you find an artefact or site of Aboriginal significance? Contact the DEC (link above)!

The DEC also maintains a database for items of non-Aboriginal, but historical heritage relevance. Follow the same link for further information.

Pending communications with the DEC (as I wish to remain culturally and spiritually sensitive towards the traditional Aboriginal landowners of the site), I may or may not post a full article about this discovery here at WLMD some time in the future.

At any rate, it did take me some time to track down information about how such a discovery should be handled. As mentioned, the short answer is do not disturb and get in touch with the DEC.

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