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Anemone Fungus (Aseroe rubra) / Starfish StinkhornPrintable Version

Distgusting, red

Although the word "disgusting" wasn't one of the first to come to mind, that's how the anemone fungus is described at one website.

I was shown this particular specimen by a friend, here in Sydney, Australia. Although I have lived here all my life, neither of us had ever seen one of these - except this was the third to fruit in their backyard.

This particular fungus is found in North America, Hawaii (where it is the most common stinkhorn), Oceania and Australia at least (and probably elsewhere too).

It "was the first species fungus to be collected and described from Australia" (being collected May 1792).

Have you seen this?

Have you found Aseroe rubra anywhere locally? As part of my "call to action" for local conservation (found at the bottom of the tribute to Steve Irwin) I recommended monitoring species which you find locally. Some suggestions included watching birds or searching for mammals, but it turns out that there is an Australian website - Fungimap - run by the Victorian government, dedicated to tracking the distribution of 100 target species of fungi.

Why not head over to the Fungimap website and register an incidence of this, or the other 99 species of fungi?

Where Light Meets Dark

Of course, you can register species sightings on this website also. Look for the link on the Where Light Meets Dark homepage.

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