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Thylacine Sightings

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Name the cameras!

The 2009 Tasmanian Tiger Expedition will step into its next phase shortly.

Earlier this year we discovered a footprint that featured on the Monster Quest episode "Isle of the Lost Tiger".

You have the chance to name one of our cameras which will focus throughout summer on the location where we found this footprint.

Early descriptions of the thylacine hint that the species may have been migratory - and so we are hoping to get in early and catch the tiger - if it was a tiger - in 2010 that we must have missed by just days in 2009!

If you'd like to suggest a camera name, then contact WLMD and submit the name and your reason for suggesting it.

Suggested names must not be offensive and WLMD reserves the right to refuse to use a suggested name.

The 6 most interesting names will be chosen for the cameras being deployed shortly. These cameras will focus on the area where we found a possible thylacine footprint earlier this year.

Once the cameras are collected, summary statistics and sample images for each camera will be posted on this site.

There is no reward, prize or compensation for being selected to name a camera, other than being acknowledged for choosing the name. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate this when you make your submission.

If you would like to make a donation to help cover travel, fuel, food or equipment expenses, please let me know. Donors may receive priority in naming rights. Chance plays no part in the selection of names.

Get your thinking caps on and creative minds out and let me know what this year's army of cameras should be called!

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