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Rare cat caught by camera trap

The African Golden Cat has been photographed by a camera trap deep in the Ugandan jungle. Dr Gary Aronsen of Yale University in the US deployed the infrared camera.

A colleague has worked for years in the same National Park and has seen the species only once. Dr Aronsen says he is aware of only one other published photograph of the African Golden Cat, which was taken in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Photo: G P Aronsen

Despite its name, the Golden Cat can be dark in colour (as per this individual) and even spotted. Very little is known about the species. There is evidence that locals make sightings, but few sightings - and no studies - have ever been made by researchers.

In total, three images were captured. Dr Aronsen believes this indicates the camera was located directly in an area frequently used by the cat.

The immediate habitat was old growth forest amid a patchwork of both old growth and regrowth forests.

African Golden Cat captured by remote infrared camera in Uganda

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