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Greatest ever UK bird sighting

Some have already heralded it as the greatest ever bird sighting in the UK. A tufted puffin makes an appearance at Kent and bird watcher (also known as twitcher) Murray Wright has the photos to prove it.

Photo: Murray Wright

From Wright's own account:

"At around 10:50 we were following 3 Arctic Skuas which were circling into the mouth of Faversham Creek, when a bird flew in the opposite direction through my binoculars' field of view — a rear-end view and it appeared all black and at first I thought it was going to be a scoter, but a glimpse of orangey-red towards the front (i.e. the bill) had me thinking of a summer-plumage Puffin...

"Luckily it dropped onto the water at circa 75 yards range and then it was all too obvious (if still too incredible to believe!) that it was an adult Tufted Puffin in summer plumage — an alcid [auk] from the north Pacific!

"I've seen the species in the wild in Siberia so the ID wasn't a problem. The guys in the hide were already all on the bird too. Panic then ensued, but I managed to take a few record shots (despite shaking uncontrollably — I still am!)"

The sighting excited birdwatchers across Britain who made their way to Kent to catch a glimpse of this never-before-seen species. Unfortunately there were no further sightings although there were seven people present for the first sighting.

Source: http://www.birdguides.com/webzine/article.asp?a=1749

Tufted puffin at Oare Marshes Kent by Murray Wright

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