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Tiger reward just a "stunt"

The offer of $1.25 million Australian dollars for the live capture of a thylacine (Tasmanian tiger), made by Bulletin magazine in 2005 was today described as just a "stunt".

Newspaper "The Australian" is reporting the appointment of Garry Linnell as editor for newspaper "The Daily Telegraph". Linnell, described as "like a sniffer dog" who will "do almost anything for a story ... even eat animal penises" was editor-in-chief of The Bulletin when the infamous reward was made available.

Linnell had been hired in December 2002 with a simple instruction from the late Kerry Packer: "Son, just make 'em talk about it"

Says the report "Linnell delivered with stunts, such as offering a $1.25 million reward for the capture of a live Tasmanian tiger" and contrasts this with "serious scoops" such as "issues on Melbourne's gangland wars and Annita Keating dishing on her failed marriage"

Despite the "conversation starters" (as the article puts it), it seems it is the Bulletin which has become extinct. The weekly Sydney magazine, which was first published in 1880, ran its last edition on 24 January this year; just one week short of 128 years after the first issue.

Despite not being able to turn around the Bulletin's declining sales, Linnell is now faced with the same task at the Tele which has seen weekday sales drop by 6% over the past 3 years, and Saturday sales by 8%.

Full article at The Australian

Image from Travel Explorations where it is attributed "Image. Annoncement and front page from the Bulletin magazine. © Photo Copyright Bulletin . "

Bulletin magazine cover with Tasmanian tiger thylacine reward

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