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Panther kills crow near Sydney

A report is just in regarding a "panther-like" big cat which was observed killing a "crow" (more likely raven for the location) on the outskirts of Sydney last week.

** I would like to contact the person in question. Read on.. **

An anonymous woman made the report, saying her 8 year old son observed the animal killing a bird.

The mother refuses to enter her yard saying she fears for her 2 year old child. The family dog also refuses to leave the house.

The animal was described as being larger than a labrador, about a meter long, with a long tail, yellow eyes and round ears (see the melanistic leopard - commonly called a panther - at the bottom of this article for comparison).

Chooks and ducks had been predated upon prior to the cat being observed, but the family had attributed the kills to foxes.

The mother contacted the Department of Primary Industries but reports that she feels she was not believed.

** I would like to contact the person in question regarding this sighting. If by any chance somebody closer to the story than I reads this, please use the contact form to reach me.

Full article at Hills News

Photo of black leopard (Genus Panthera) from Wikipedia where it is released under the GFDL and is attributed to Quilinmon.

Black leopard panther

Posted by: admin on 27th Aug 2008 09:45 AM
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