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Thylacine roadkill captured by Google Street View?

Google's Street View has featured in the news lately for capturing numerous images of people in rather private circumstances. The application of Google Street View for the search for rare fauna was obvious...

The image shown above is a cropped version of one I obtained from the Scotts Peak Road - a remote area in Tasmania's south-west which has had its share of Tasmanian tiger sightings in the past.

But is it a road-killed thylacine?

I'm sure many wouldn't require the least suggestion to see an animal such as that in this photo. Viewing the uncropped photo will show that it is far more likely a log lying next to a stick.

The point being made is that with modern technology taking more and more intimate photographs of every corner of our Earth, this may be the vehicle for armchair cryptozoologists to get out their magnifying glasses in search of rare fauna.

Google's Earth application has been used to discover archeological sites in Afghanistan in what is believed to be a world first: a scientific paper published on data freely available via Google's servers.

Street View is a compilation of photographs acquired by mounting cameras atop vehicles that have driven almost literally everywhere that has a road.

The launch of new technologies such as these has spawned a plethora of online galleries of unusual captures including images revealing the underpants of the unwary, beach-goers changing their swimming clothes, women sunbaking topless, houses burning down, people urinating in public and men entering or leaving adult premises.

So my challenge is out to all those with a passion for the Tasmanian tiger: go to http://maps.google.com and search for Maydena Tasmania. Using Google Street View, check out the road all the way down to the dam and send me screenshots of any road-killed or live animals you might see, whether or not it's a Tasmanian tiger.

I'll feature a little gallery of user-contributed images here on WLMD and in the meantime, I'm off down another virtual Tassie road in the hunt for the thylacine!

Google Street View image showing what appears to be thylacine roadkill

Posted by: admin on 10th Aug 2008 11:36 PM
Updated by: admin on 10th Aug 2008 11:47 PM
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Google Street View
Posted on: 2008-08-21 09:00:41   By: willanpearson
Ha, love it! I have not seen any 'intimate' google street view photos, but I was surprised to see a street out of Halls Creek past a remote Aboriginal community! Wow, what a job taking all those photos! What a great tool to help spot animals in remote areas. Alas, I fear the chance getting a snap from a camera mounted on a vehicle, to be very slim. Also, knowing how guarded Tassie is of any Thylacine sightings, and also knowing images are whipped off GSV quick smart if they are too revealing, I'm not holding my breath. Won't stop me from looking though ;) Can't wait to see people's pics!

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