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Hobbit lecture in Sydney

Last night, Professor Mike Morwood - spokesman for the large team of researchers that discovered Homo floresiensis on the island of Flores in Indonesia, presented a spellbinding public lecture on the background to the research, the species itself and the future direction of the project.

I was fortunate enough also to spend some time with him prior to the lecture to record a radio interview which will feature soon on Diffusion.

More news to come as the editing of the recorded interview nears completion, but feel free to leave your comments or questions below.

Photo: [edit 10/12/08] This photo was originally sourced from National Geographic but I have since lost the attribution details. If you can inform me of the proper attribution then please contact WLMD.

Professor Mike Morwood with a hobbit skull Homo floresiensis

Posted by: admin on 08th May 2008 06:27 PM
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