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WLMD News: site changes

As announced recently, WLMD is changing... instead of presenting articles in blog-like fashion, the structure is being reworked and presented as a reference.

What does this mean? Previously, articles were annouced as they were written and that was that. Now you will be able to look up information on specific topics such as "what's the latest with the Emmerichs thylacine?"

The menu up top will soon be updated to link into the new format, but in the meantime you can take a sneak peak by clicking on the "sitemap" link at the bottom of every page.

Additionally, the WLMD "Announcements" are being discontinued in favour of a single news stream on the homepage: Newswatch. Anything that would earlier have been announced in the "Announcements" column (such as a new photographic analysis) will now be announced in Newswatch along with other global news.

In a piece of exciting news, I have finally got the means to transfer video to the web - many moons ago I ran a poll to see whether readers would like to see more video of the wildlife I capture in photographs. Stay tuned - it's on its way.

WLMD welcomes reader contributions. If you would like to contribute wildlife photography, conservation news - or promote your conservation event, write a critical analysis on the evidence for rare fauna or alert me to global news on any of these subjects, please do get in touch.

Again - many thanks to all readers and contributors. There is a new page for acknowledgements and links to other sites - you can find it in the sitemap.


Posted by: admin on 26th Dec 2007 07:34 AM
Updated by: admin on 26th Dec 2007 07:34 AM
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