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Siberian tiger mauls zoo visitor to death

A female Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) at San Francisco Zoo named Tatiana has recently mauled one zoo visitor to death and left two others critically injured. The attack occurred just after the 5pm closing time.

Authorities are investigating how the tiger escaped its enclosure. The zoo has four tigers but the other tigers did not leave their enclosure.

Police attending the zoo first found the deceased man, aged 23 before locating a second victim. Tatiana was sitting nearby and then attacked the man again. As police approached, guns drawn, the tiger turned towards them. Several officers fired and the tiger was killed.

Almost exactly one year ago Tatiana attacked a zoo keeper during feeding time and in front of horrified visitors. In that incident the keeper's arm was torn open.

Full article at news.com.au

Photo of Tatiana the Siberian tiger (GENUS SPECIES) which has mauled one person to death and injured three others in two separate attacks by AP/San Francisco Zoo from CBS News.

Tatiana - female Siberian tiger that attacked several people

Posted by: admin on 26th Dec 2007 04:25 AM
Updated by: admin on 26th Dec 2007 04:25 AM
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Natural Instincts.
Posted on: 2008-01-05 13:03:00   By: Anonymous
I'm not surprised at all by the attacks, but I do wonder how she escaped. Tigers are wild animals. You can't expect them to be friendly with humans. Poor thing much have been terrified by the crowds of people. I wish they hadn't shot her.

[Reply ]

    Re: Natural Instincts.
    Posted on: 2008-01-05 17:08:27   By: admin
    Me too - it's a real shame and I bet there are many keepers who also wish she hadn't been shot.

    Let's hope people still see the need to conserve, help and protect these species, even in the face of such a tragedy.


    [Reply ]

      Re: Natural Instincts.
      Posted on: 2008-05-06 17:41:42   By: Anonymous
      me three ! i too wish they had't shot her:(i would love to donate but i'm only 8!

      [Reply ]

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