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Blue ghost filmed in USA

What locals and security experts are describing as the apparition of a blue ghost - or possibly angel - has been filmed at a gas station in Parma, USA.

The blue cloud quickly darts around the gas station, then sits still for half an hour, then flies off camera at lightning speed.

Speculation includes it being a ghost, demon, angel, or spirit of the native American traditional landholders.

Full article at Half Life

News report including high quality video at Youtube

What are your thoughts? Is this a viral marketing campaign, perhaps for Marathon Gas?

If the report is true in saying it was captured on security camera, then why does the camera follow the ghost around as if it is someone using a handheld video camera?

Leave your comments here (or read others' comments below) - and tell us what you think!

Photo of blue ghost from the source article.

Blue ghost at Marathon gas station

Posted by: admin on 16th Nov 2007 02:21 AM
Updated by: admin on 16th Nov 2007 02:25 AM
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No Subject
Posted on: 2007-11-16 03:04:32   By: Anonymous
Looking again - the camera moves because the news crew filmed the security monitor, so that's that one explained.

In one frame, really close to the end, it almost looks to have two wings as the object doubles back on itself and comes back towards the camera.

Stay tuned for some captured frames and a bit more of an analysis.

Digital trickery? Real apparition? Ad campaign? What are your thoughts?

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2007-11-16 04:00:45   By: Anonymous
    I don't know. It is amazing the speed, I don't really know, but I believe strange things happen

    Nuno Miguel

    [Reply ]

Posted on: 2008-01-06 01:41:43   By: jim
All the gasses & fumes + car head lights.

[Reply ]

    Re: comment
    Posted on: 2008-03-12 17:31:49   By: Anonymous
    its a bug on the camera

    [Reply ]

      Re: comment
      Posted on: 2008-03-18 16:50:16   By: Anonymous
      How is that a bug? It is bright blue, tons of people saw it, and it appears to be on the car windshield. I say it's some digital thing.

      [Reply ]

        Re: comment
        Posted on: 2008-03-20 09:58:45   By: Anonymous
        ahh! its pribally just a gas leak

        [Reply ]

          Re: comment
          Posted on: 2008-03-24 08:31:04   By: Anonymous
          No, it is not a gas leak! I know who you are! (Literally. I do. I'm the one who showed you this in the first place!)

          [Reply ]

            Re: comment
            Posted on: 2008-05-06 17:45:40   By: Anonymous
            yaya my dad has seen an angle and jesis and they don't look like that!

            [Reply ]

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