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Dodo skeleton discovered! - may yield DNA

A complete dodo skeleton (now named Fred after its discoverer) has been found in a cave on Mauritius, Africa - the flightless bird's former home.

Its discovery was kept secret until it could be fully recovered. Most dodo material has been recovered from hot, wet, acidic swampy environments, but this latest discovery, from a cave, may yield DNA.

Full article at Nat Geo

The only other dodo DNA discovered came from a bird transported from Mauritius to the United Kingdom (UK) in the 15th century, according to the article. Genetically, they can be considered "fat pigeons".

Photo of the Fred the Dodo's skeletal bones (Raphus cucullatus) which may yield DNA by Reuters and inset illustration of a dodo by Getty Images, composite from the source article at National Geographic.

Dodo - Raphus cucullatus - skeletal bones which may yield DNA

Posted by: admin on 04th Jul 2007 06:05 PM
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