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Yangtze River Dolphin EXTINCT - Who Cares?

A passionate piece contributed to Mongabay by Jeremy Leon Hance explores the recent demise and extinction of the Yangtze River Dolphin (or "Baiji / Baihi") and "western media’s [alacritous] response". Photos.

Full article at Mongabay

In the words of the author:

"I wonder if people really understand what extinction means. It is not the death of an individual; it’s a species—wholly unique in the world—that will never again grace the planet."

"... It is estimated that every day almost one hundred and fifty species go extinct. Wrap your head around that."

Photo of Yangtze River Dolphin (Baiji / Baihi) (Lipotes vexillifer) from Wikipedia.

Yangtze River Dolphin - Lipote vexilifer.jpg

Posted by: admin on 02nd Apr 2007 07:36 AM
Updated by: admin on 02nd Apr 2007 07:48 AM
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river dolphin
Posted on: 2007-08-08 18:09:33   By: Anonymous
some scientists somewhere must have had the forsight to keep DNA samples just clone it and start again

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It's now official
Posted on: 2007-08-13 18:27:18   By: admin

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