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Coral Reef Restoration Program in Sri Lanka - 15 years on

Part-time marine naturalist and conservationist Prasanna Weerakkody's 1992 coral research project developed into a coral restoration program with many unique initiatives. Photos.

Full article at Lanka Business Online

In 1998, due to El Nino, Sri Lanka lost 80 percent of coral coverage in its reefs; in some places coverage slipped to less than five percent with a related drop in biodiversity.

Typically though, coral reefs fall behind only tropical rainforest in terms of biodiversity. By collecting coral fragments which are broken off main reefs, researchers are facilitating faster re-population of bleached reefs.

Attaching the broken corals can be as simple as tying them with wire, or gluing them with cement. The group - Natcog - applies for small international grants, but is looking to further involve tourist industries in the conservation process. They receive many enquiries from international travellers wanting to volunteer to help the coral restoration process.

Photo of coral reef diversity from Wikipedia.

Coral Reef

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