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Tuatara - living fossil saved from extinction

The New Zealand tuatara was feared extinct in the 1980s when none had been seen for 14 years. Eight specimens were collected in a 1990s survey and these have produced over 100 offspring, with 60 being released back into the wild. Photo.

Full article at Stuff.co.nz

I can only imagine what it was like for those first surveyors who located the first tuatara specimen after 14 years! Imagine their elation now to think they are releasing 60 specimens whilst still retaining over 40 in captivity - and all this from breeding just eight.

Surely the future of the tuatara looks good!

The team has erradicated rats from Hauturu, also known as Little Barrier Island, and the tuatara's success in the wild will depend on keeping rats off the island.

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