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An island refuge for Australia's native wildlife

Being dubbed "the Ark", Mount Rothwell animal sanctuary has "feral-proofed" a large tract of land which is now supporting a considerable range of Australia's most endangered marsupial species. Photos.

Full article at The Age

If you only read one Newswatch item at WLMD, read this one. The actions of Prudentia Investments in sustaining this ecological ark are truly admirable.

Says ranger Paul Mervin, commenting on school tour groups who are amazed at Australia's native fauna, (from the article) "They always want to know why they have never heard of them before and why more isn't being done to save them?"

Regular readers of WLMD will know the Eastern quoll is regularly featured; a sighting was reported east of Sydney in October 2006, I have received reports of sightings from Nowra in the mid 1980s, the northern New England area in the 1990s and the National Parks and Wildlife Service lists numerous unconfirmed sightings across New South Wales in recent times.

Officially, the Eastern quoll has not been seen on the mainland since 1963, but it persists in offshore Tasmania.

The Mount Rothwell animal sanctuary has successfully bred Eastern quolls and these can now be seen on their spotlighting tours, in their natural habitat, with others such as the Eastern barred bandicoot (mentioned as a possible candidate for the Chaotika thylacine), brush-tailed rock wallabies (when the Sanctuary began, they held 8 individuals - some 25% of the remaining population; there are now more than 25, some with pouched young), rufous bettongs and red-bellied (also called "Tasmanian") pademelons.

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