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Examining the evidence for rare fauna.

Dedicated to Steve Irwin
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Thylacine Sightings

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Examining the evidence for the ongoing survival of the thylacine.
Parent:Examining the evidence
Children:Emmerichs thylacine
Chaotika thylacine
Doyle thylacine
Gonzalez Sitges thylacine
Nagorcka thylacine
Preston thylacine
Charleville Lion
Baw Baws thylacine
Irian Jaya thylacine
Cameron thylacine
WA Footprint Cast
Rehberg and Nelson footprint
White Thylacine


Rewrite the history books!

Contrary to popular belief that the first automated cameras used in wildlife research were deployed by the late Dr Eric Guiler in 1960, there appears to be evidence of the use of an automated camera in the search for the thylacine in 1950. Read on!

Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge!

Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge iconDo you know your rare Australian carnivorous marsupials?

Take the Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge!

You can win a copy of Craig Heinselman's latest book - Elementum Bestia - which contains my chapter, "In Search of Rare Carnivorous Marsupials: An Examination of the Evidence for Their Survival".

Competition closes 31 August 2007 AEST.

Livingstone thylacine

Thylacine - Thylacinus cynocephalusLess than two weeks ago, Maddy Livingstone came across a most peculiar road-kill on the country roads just outside of Brisbane, Australia.

Could it be a thylacine? Or something more common such as a cat or dog?

Having recently caught up with Maddy, here is the latest update on the search for this mystery creature.

Elementum Bestia - complete!

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Elementum Bestia book coverElementum Bestia - latest tome in the library of cryptozoology - is released!

My conribution to the piece is titled "In Search of Rare Carnivorous Marsupials: An Examination of the Evidence for Their Survival".

This book is being released in printed format at cost price, US$11.99 plus shipping costs.

On the trail of the tiger - sightings map and tour

Thylacine sighting placemark graphic for Google Earth tourWhere Light Meets Dark launches the world's first Google Earth tour of Tasmanian tiger sightings! With 19 sightings to begin with, the list will continue to grow.

Did MacKenzie release thylacines on the mainland?

With thanks to Dr Sleightholme, Project Director (UK) of the International Thylacine Specimen Database (ITSD), new information is provided concerning the MacKenzie specimen collection.

As a result, it is not likely that MacKenzie released thylacines onto mainland Australia. Read on to find out more...

Were thylacines ever released on mainland Australia?

Speculation abounds about a supposed "Thylacine Preservation Society" which is said to have procured and released a number of thylacines on the mainland. Release theories abound in an almost cloak-and-dagger shroud of mystery.

Debbie Hynes of thylacoleo.com has taken a fresh look at the available facts and put together a new theory on how thylacines may have reached the mainland, with or without the TPS...

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