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Elementum Bestia - book update

Elementum Bestia book cover artThe fourth of Craig Heinselman's books which examines a diverse array of cryptozoological topics and includes my chapter on some of Australia's rare carnivorous marsupials, is nearing completion.

Read on for more about topics in the book and a list of contributing authors. The book will be made available at cost price for the printed version, or free as a download. Due mid-year.

Elementum Bestia features a diverse list of authors:

Dr. Dwight Smith and Gary Mangiacopra
Tony Healy and Paul Cropper
Don Keating
Ray Crowe
Lee Murphy
DL Tanner
Blake Templeton
Gerry Bacon
Bruce Champagne
Scott Norman
Chris Rehberg
Dale Drinnon
Matt Bille
Phillip O'Donnel
Peter Dendle
Scott Maruna
Scott Marlowe
Diane Stocking
Craig Heinselman

The book demonstrates the fluidity of cryptozoology as well as how it can be a very analytical practice. Fictional entries are there for education as well as entertainment. One eye-opening piece deals with how cryptofiction is written. The book brings together a diverse array of views - not all necessarily complimentary - into the world that is cryptozoology.

More information about the book's history and its editor, Craig Heinselman, can be found in my earlier article on Elementum Bestia.

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Posted by: admin on 28th Mar 2007 10:02 PM
Updated by: admin on 11th Apr 2007 08:05 PM

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