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Author update

What's the buzz? Have things stalled? Why haven't there been many new announcements on the WLMD homepage?

2007 has been a busy year so far indeed!

As I have written earlier, I spent a significant portion of January on the road exploring the East coast of Australia - well a small portion of it between Sydney and Australia Zoo, just north of Brisbane.

In addition to the frog, toad, beetle, zoo and various other photos which are already published, there are still some excellent photos to come of a juvenile common tree python devouring a red-eyed tree frog.

My contribution to the upcoming book Elementum Bestia is almost complete.

Aside from things WLMD I have also been voluntarily building websites for some good causes. Although the site has not gone live yet, stay tuned for an update to the ARFRA (Australian Rare Fauna Research Association) site, and Marrickville Council in Sydney is launching a wiki for use by tour guides who assist with their Riverlife Interpretive Tours program.

In addition to the hum drum of "normal" life, these all take time!

Nevertheless, one of the more exciting analyses coming up soon involves some video footage of what some consider a thylacine, and others consider a lion, in Australia. Either way you've got an interesting cryptid! Many thanks (in advance of the article) to Miguel for passing on the footage and background information, and to Mike for the news article which was in the media at the time the footage was released.

Stay tuned!

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Posted by: admin on 13th Mar 2007 08:59 PM
Updated by: admin on 28th Mar 2007 09:00 PM

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