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News watch news

"News Watch" is one of the most popular areas of this site.

As a result, it has gotten better!

Look down the page for Newswatch, then check out the Newswatch menu at the top of the page.

Now there is a new RSS feed which will pass all WLMD news watch items your way (see the page).

News watch articles are now better divided into the site areas: Examining the evidence, Local action for conservation, Up close and personal, or you can get the whole mixed bag on the News Watch page.

"Local action for conservation" has broken down into 4 new areas, and I think you'll like them:

  • Conservation action
  • Rare and endangered species reports
  • New species discoveries
  • Extinctions

PLUS... you can comment on any News Watch item that comes through the site - just see the bottom of its page.

I do hope you'll enjoy the new presentation of News Watch, and bear with me as I transfer all the existing News Watch links into the new sections.

TIP: If a longer article is available, then the title here will be a link.

Posted by: admin on 14th Feb 2007 11:25 PM
Updated by: admin on 15th Feb 2007 08:39 AM

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