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Examining the evidence for rare fauna.

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WLMD gets a slight site redesign

Just a few small changes which I think will make the site much more navigable. Feedback welcome! :)

I've just made a few changes to the layout and navigation at Where Light Meets Dark. Specifically:

  • The confusing menus at left (Main Menu, Articles, Forums) have been removed
  • The ugly site-section menu at the top of the homepage (going to Examining the evidence, Local action for conservation and Up close and personal articles) has been removed
  • A new menu has been put across the top of the page under the header.

The new menu uses javascript which may make the site incompatible with some browser configurations.

I have tested the menu in IE6, IE7 and Firefox 1.5

I would very much welcome feedback from users with other browsers or versions (please contact me - or add a comment at the bottom of this page).

The new menu means you can jump to any part of the site from any screen, no matter how "nested" the destination is.

It also works a bit like a sitemap - you can see all the sections by browsing the menu. I think many people come to WLMD looking for thylacine information, and previously, from the homepage, there was no intuitive way to get to that information. My hope is this menu makes it far far easier, no matter how you reach WLMD in the first place.

If anyone has any suggestions, feedback, or problems, please contact me on the link above.

TIP: If a longer article is available, then the title here will be a link.

Posted by: admin on 10th Feb 2007 01:02 AM
Updated by: admin on 10th Feb 2007 04:55 PM

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New site layout
Posted on: 2007-02-10 07:48:55   By: Anonymous
The new layout is an improvement. Thank you Chris for the care and thoughtfulness that you put into this site.

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