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A quick site update...

With the busy end of the year upon us, and an injury keeping me away from the PC this week, things have taken a momentary slowdown.

Still... on the near horizon:

  • I am most frequently asked about the high-res Doyle footage - so that should be next cab off the rank,
  • I have been invited to contribute to a book which is launching next year - details to come,
  • There may be further news to report shortly regarding the Emmerichs photographs,
  • I haven't forgotten mainland Eastern quolls just yet - I am tentatively planning further searches, and
  • In the new year I hope to locate what I think will be a new Australian cicada species - its largest.
  • This trip should yield some great new "Up Close and Personal" articles and photographs of a variety of fauna also.
Stay tuned!

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Posted by: admin on 13th Dec 2006 09:41 PM
Updated by: admin on 13th Dec 2006 09:43 PM

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