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Help preserve our cultural heritage!

From an email calling for online signature in support of preserving ancient Aboriginal rock art on the Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia.

At time of writing, they have acquired 7,851 of their desired 10,000 signatures.

"Take a moment to imagine a cultural icon six times older than the Pyramids, eight times older than Stonehenge. Imagine probably the earliest surviving rock carvings on this planet: close to a million images of ancient faces and our earliest fauna, including the mighty Tasmanian tiger, spread throughout a group of small islands alongside the west coast of Australia ... This silent world treasure is at risk of being needlessly pulled apart and destroyed from blind industrial development"

Read more and/or sign the petition at the GetUp! Campaign page

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Posted by: admin on 23rd Nov 2006 06:42 PM
Updated by: admin on 23rd Nov 2006 06:45 PM

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