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Examining the evidence for rare fauna.

Dedicated to Steve Irwin
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Site changes

Many new changes have been implemented, with a few more to come, covering areas such as:

  • the vision behind WLMD
  • News Watch
  • supporting WLMD
  • an online WLMD merchandise store
  • links to noteworthy sites
  • RSS feeds
  • simplifying content organisation
  • streamlining the forums
  • and renewed articles which examine the evidence for the thylacine

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    Firstly, the vision behind the Where Light Meets Dark website is now available by following many of the menu links at left.

    A new "News Watch" section keeps tabs on the latest happenings around the globe, as they relate to the vision behind WLMD. This means that the homepage announcement page can stay closer to the WLMD vision.

    You can now help support WLMD's ongoing financial costs by following sponsored links or purchasing from the online WLMD store.

    A new "External Links" area promotes websites with goals which are in line with the WLMD vision.

    Still to come are RSS feeds, so that WLMD announcements can be spooled straight to your feed reader (such as a My Yahoo! homepage), an expanded online store, including WLMD photography calendars for 2007, and an expansion to the list of external links.

    The News Watch page will be updated from day to day as things catch my eye.

    Finally - there are still some big changes to come:

    WLMD content broadly falls under one of three categories, related to the WLMD vision: examining the evidence, local action for conservation, or up close and personal.

    The content will be re-organised to match these (and some sub-) categories, making navigation easier and making it easier to locate older articles.

    The forums will also be restructured to reflect these three core goals, drawing discussion into fewer, but more centralised points.

    Thank you to all who have written to me in support of WLMD... your enthusiasm is very much an encouragement! And I'll shortly be bringing the balance back up for "Examining the evidence" articles; notably the Doyle footage and Chaotika thylacine.



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    Posted by: admin on 30th Oct 2006 08:33 PM
    Updated by: admin on 06th Nov 2006 02:07 AM

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