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Examining the evidence for rare fauna.

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WLMD Forum and member accounts

Things are changing. There is a new forum. Guests and members may post messages alike...

Plenty of details if you click the link (read more)...

At the request of "Anonymous" (who I am sure will now register an account!), I have set up member accounts for Where Light Meets Dark.

New Accounts

On the homepage you will see a new Login box. Click on "New Account Signup" to create a WLMD member account. You can now have a username, yay! :)

Forums - homepage quick links

There are two other new features on the homepage - a list of recent forum topics, and recent forum posts. Follow these links to quickly get to the latest discussion.

Commenting on articles

As time permits, I will phase out the current method for leaving comments against articles. All existing comments will be moved over into appropriate forum threads.

Have you noticed that while you're reading an article, there is a list of links at left called "Links to related information..."?

You will see a new section in this list called "Information Type - Bulletin Board".

Whenever the article has a related forum (bulletin board) thread, you'll see a link here. Members and guests can always start new threads too.

Forgotten Password?

At the moment, I have not got email configured for the forums. This means that if you've forgotten your password, and you try the "Forgot Your Password?" link in the login box - you won't get any response.

In the meantime, just use the "Contact WLMD" link in the menu (top left).

Subscribing to threads

Again, email has not yet been configured for the forums, so although you can set yourself up to subscribe to discussions, you won't get emails for the time being. Again - this will be fixed as time permits.

New Control Panel

Once you log in, you will see a new Control Panel link. You can reset your password here, or change your email details. You can configure a default view for reading threads.

Feedback welcome

As always, feedback is very welcome. Use the "Contact WLMD" link in the menu at top left.

Thanks for your support!


TIP: If a longer article is available, then the title here will be a link.

Posted by: admin on 22nd Oct 2006 11:31 PM
Updated by: admin on 06th Nov 2006 06:11 PM

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